"Dunhill Namiki"


This is a Fountain Pen, Dunhill Namiki, with a Pheasant.
Black lacquer ground with silver, gold red and green Hira maki-e.
HIRAMAKIE: low relief sprinkled lacquer; technique in which one layer of lacquer above de ground is applied when then covered with a thin protective coat of lacquer and polished.
NIB SIZE: nº 6 engraved Dunhill-Namiki 3 made in Japan.
PEN SIZE: 13.5 cm.
CLIP: Raindrops clip, manufactured from approximatly 1930 to 1937, engraved DUNHILL.
Lever filling system (T-SHIKI). The lever is a straight plate without decoration, with is fixed to the balance model pens. This lever was manufactured for a short period after the war.
By San Martin Arts & Crafts.

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