"Voyage of the Beagle" Charles Darwin.

The HMS Beagle
Galapagos Iguana


The voyage began on 27 December 1831; it lasted almost five years. As the captain Robert FitzRoy had intended, Charles Darwin spent most of that time on land investigating geology and making natural history collections, while the Beagle surveyed and charted coasts. He kept careful notes of his observations and theoretical speculations, and at intervals during the voyage his specimens were sent to Cambridge together with letters including a copy of his journal for his family. He had some expertise in geology, beetle collecting and dissecting marine invertebrates, but in all other areas was a novice and ably collected specimens for expert appraisal. Despite suffering badly from seasickness, Darwin wrote copious notes while on board the ship. Most of his zoology notes are about marine invertebrates, starting with plankton collected in a calm spell.
Original watercolors painted by Juan Bosco.

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