Pug dog original watercolor painting by Juan Bosco


Pugs were bred to adorn the laps of the Chinese sovereigns during the Shang dynasty (before 400 BCE).
The pug's popularity spread to Tibet, where they were mainly kept by Buddhist monks, and then went on to Japan, and finally Europe.
The pug breed was imported to Europe in the 16th century by the Dutch East India Company. It is said to have become the official dog of the House of Orange in 1572 after a pug named Pompey saved the life of the Prince of Orange by alerting him to the approach of assassins.
A pug travelled with William III and Mary II when they left the Netherlands to ascend to the throne of England in 1688.
During this period, the pug may have been bred with the old type King Charles spaniel, but in any event the modern English Toy/King Charles Spaniel emerged with pug characteristics.
The breed eventually became popular in other European countries. Pugs were painted by Goya in Spain, and in Italy they rode up front with the coachman on private carriages while dressed in matching jackets and pantaloons. They were used by the military to track animals and people, and were also employed as guard dogs.

Painting with the most quality watercolors Winsor & Newton by Juan Bosco.

Signed: JB ( Juan Bosco, the Painter of San Martin Arts & Crafts).

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