"Hunting at the 15th century".


In the Middle Ages, animal stories were immensely popular throughout Europe.Medieval animal illustrations are usually not "realistic"; in many cases the artist could never have seen an example of the beast, even of those which were not fabulous. Thus medieval European illustrators often drew the crocodile as a dog-like beast , the whale as a large, scaled fish, the ostrich with hooves, and many serpents with feet and/or wings. The illustrator based his drawing of an unknown animal on the written description or on other illustrations or carvings he had seen. Many manuscripts have peculiar animal pictures merely because of the lack of skill of the illustrator, who may have been the most artistic monk in the monastery, but no true artist. Other manuscripts can only be described as works of art, with magnificent paintings in many colors, with a lavish use of gold.
Today I show my drawings of medieval animals and the hunter at the time.
Painted by Juan Bosco.

Signed: JB ( Juan Bosco, the Painter of San Martin Arts & Crafts).
Elephant drawing by Juan Bosco
Lion drawing by Juan Bosco

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