"Big Tusks_Notes".

The largest, longest, heaviest tusks ever recorded are the Kilimanjaro Tusks (photo 1). At over 10 feet in length, the tusks weigh 237 and 225 lbs respectively. There has never been a tusk since then that weighed more than 190 lbs!
But the Kruger National Park in Africa has kept track of the Magnificent Seven; modern giant tuskers. Here are the names and tusk sizes of these huge animals (photo 2) 
In 2011 at the Tsavo National Park in Africa a pair of record tusks weighing 124.7 pounds a side was found from an old bull who died of natural causes. This has been identified as a “great tusker” known as “Murembo” which was photographed by Johan Marais and appears on page 155 of his beautiful book “In Search of Africa’s Great Tuskers”. Great tuskers are amongst Africa’s most threatened elephants and animals bearing 100 pounds of ivory or more per tusk are extremely rare on the continent today. In general they symbolize the vulnerability of elephants throughout most of their range.
Tsavo’s great tuskers living today show that protective measures are working, enough to allow some big bulls to live out their natural life span.
Los más largos y pesados colmillos nunca registrados son los Colmillos del Kilimanjaro (foto 1) de 1898, medían más de 3m y pesaban 107,5 y 102,5 Kg. Nunca volvió a haber un colmillo desde entonces que superara los 86 Kg.
El Parque Nacional Africano Kruger, tiene registrados sus siete mejores ejemplares de grandes colmillos (photo 2).
En 2011 en el Parque Nacional de Tsavo un par de colmillos record de 56,5 Kg fueron encontrados de un viejo macho que había muerto por causas naturales, era conocido como "Murembo".
Estos grandes elefantes portadores de grandes colmillos de más de 45 Kg están muy amenazados. Que en la reservas de Tsavo y Kruger se puedan observar hoy en día varios de estos ejemplares es una muestra de cómo se logra preservar su protección.

The Kilimanjaro tusks -1898

Photo 2
Antique tusk.

Murembo´s tusks.

The Great Tusker  "Murembo". 

A pair of antique Tusks of 50 inches = 1,27 m
Elephant tusks weighing 293 lbs and measuring more tha 11 feet each, this pair of elephant tusks from the Congo are in the Bronx Zoo
Colmillos del Zoo del Bronx, de Nueva York, de 133 kg y 3,3m cada uno, provenientes del Congo.
The same tusks from the Bronx Museum
Los mismos colmillos del museo del Bronx. NY.

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