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Charles Marville, the pseudonym of Charles François Bossu (1813 – 1879), was a French photographer, who mainly photographed architecture, landscapes and the urban environment. He used both paper and glass negatives. He is most well known for taking pictures of ancient Parisian quarters before they were destroyed and rebuilt under "Haussmannization", Baron Haussmann's new plan for modernization of Paris. In 1862, he was named official photographer of Paris.
Charles Marville,  seudónimo de Charles François Bossu (1813 - 1879), fue un fotógrafo francés, que fotografió principalmente arquitectura, paisajes y el entorno urbano. Utilizó papel y negativos de vidrio. Es el más conocido fotógrafo de los antiguos barrios parisinos antes de que fueran destruidos y reconstruidos bajo  la "Haussmannization", el nuevo plan del Barón Haussmann para la modernización de París. En 1862, fue nombrado fotógrafo oficial de París.

Cascade at the Mare aux Biches

Grande cascade du Bois de Boulogne (1858)

Mainz, Germany.

The Seine from the Pont du Carrousel Looking towards Notre Dame. 1853.

In 1853 and 1854, Marville traveled throughout Germany making landscapes, cityscapes, and architectural studies that were published in an album titled Les Bords du Rhin (The Banks of the Rhine). Marville made this self-portrait in the tumbled-down ruins of the Werner Chapel in Bacharach, a town along the Rhine. These Gothic ruins were a popular subject of travel literature and illustration in the 1830s and 1840s.

The painters Corot and Diaz de la Peña in Fontainebleau, 1854.

Monceau Park, River and Bridge. ca. 1862

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