"Frankfurt am Main, European city of the Trees 2014".

Frankfurt park original watercolor painting by Juan Bosco
11,5 by 8 inches (29,5 x 21 cm)

Oak acorns.

Oak galls.

Watercolor nº 1502:

Frankfurt am Main is this year 2014, the European city of the Trees. Frankfurt am Main is the first German city to be given the award.
Yesterday I was on a park, and I did this painting of the oak trees. I collected some acorns and these pair of The galls contain large amounts of tannic acid, which was used for making iron gall ink and for dyeing cloth. According to recent research, traces of iron-gall ink have been found on the Dead Sea scrolls and on the 'lost' Gospel of Judas. Iron-gall ink may have been used for 1,800 years, but it does not withstand the test of time well. Over the course of centuries, the ink fades, and discolours and damages the paper. Other waterproof formulae, better suited for writing on paper, became available in the 20th century. Iron gall ink is manufactured chiefly by artists enthusiastic about reviving old methods or possibly forgers of old documents.

Painted with watercolors, brown ink, chalk and pencil by Juan Bosco.

Signed: Juan Bosco JB ( Juan Bosco, the Painter of San Martin Arts & Crafts).

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