"Roman Limes near to Frankfurt- Saalburg"

Two weeks ago, I went to Saalburg, where you can find the "Limes", the Roman border empire with "Germany". 

The Limes Germanicus was a line of frontier (limes) fortifications that bounded the ancient Roman provinces of Germania Inferior, Germania Superior and Raetia, dividing the Roman Empire and the unsubdued Germanic tribes from the years 83 to about 260 AD. At its height, the limes stretched from the North Sea outlet of the Rhine to near Regensburg (Castra Regina) on the Danube. Those two major rivers afforded natural protection from mass incursions into imperial territory.

Upper Germanic & Raetian Limes

Reconstructed Limes near Saalburg, Germany.

The Saalburg, a reconstruction of a Roman fort.

Remains of the Limes

Remains of the Limes

Remains of the Limes

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